From its humble beginnings as bean farms and ranchland, the City of Beverly Hills has become synonymous globally with the glamorous, luxurious lifestyle of the well-heeled and well-known. For decades, the community has been home to celebrities and movers and shakers of the entertainment and international business worlds. It is the location of many of the largest, most lavish and most sought-after homes and estates in the world. Its elite shopping, gourmet dining and world-class hotels are also benchmarks of luxury.

Named after Beverly Farms in Massachusetts, the city was first opened to residential development after being subdivided in 1906. It enjoyed a brief oil boom that brought its first dirt roads. In fact, there are still a few producing oil wells tucked away discreetly within the community’s boundaries.

Beverly Hills and its neighbors Bel Air and Holmby Hills form the “Platinum Triangle” of what is often considered the most expensive residential and commercial real estate in the United States. The majority of its approximately 34,000 residents reside on its broad plain known as “The Flats,” while its most extravagant and pricy estates are in its hills.

For more information:

  • City of Beverly Hills
  • Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce
  • Beverly Hills Unified School District

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